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                   Sahyadri Science College’s prime motto is to look after the all round development of the students. Students are given freedom to exhibit their co-curricular and extracurricular talents.
                   Since co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are the integral part of any curriculum. To enhance and to enrich the students about human values and humanity, college has started “Youth Red Cross unit” by the effort of dynamic principal prof. Gayatri Devi Sajjan vide G.O. No. ED 164 vividha 2011 Bangalore dated 22-12-2011. Dr. Nafeesa Begum, Asst. Professor, Dept of Botany and Dr. Rajeshwari N, Associate Professor Dept of Botany were appointed as Programme officer and unit member respectively.
                 Membership campaign was started, in a day or two enough students from all combinations were enrolled their names for membership. A meeting was called for all the members, Aims and objectives of the Youth Red Cross unit were discussed and the responsibilities of the members were also explained. At the end of the meeting Sachin Nayar. S and Kousthub Aithal were elected unanimously as the secretary and Treasurer of the Youth Red Cross Unit for the year 2012-2013.
            The Red Cross is an international humanitarian service organization dedicated to the cause of suffering humanity both in times of war and peace since 8 decades. It is constituted under the Act of Parliament known as Indian Red Cross Society Act XV 1920.  The Red Cross is an International Organization meant for humanitarian services. Its Headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland with many affiliated National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
            Jean Henry Dunant, known as the father of the Red Cross, was born on May 8, 1828, in Geneva, Switzerland. On June 24, 1859 there was Solferino war between France, Italy and Austria. He tried to help the war victims and he is considered as the founder of the Red Cross Society. His birth day celebrated as World Red Cross Day.  In 1901, Very first Nobel peace prize was awarded to him.
Activities of Red Cross:

  • Disaster Relief to victims of flood, cyclone, earthquake or any other disaster
  • Blood Bank
  • Hospital services to the wounded and sick personnel of the armed forces, both in war and peace.
  • Maternity and child welfare
  • Community services

Principles of Red Cross:

    • Humanity
    • Impartiality
    • Neutrality
    • Independence
    • Voluntary Service
    • Unity
    • Universality


Annual Reports

Programme No.1
              Inauguration function of the Youth Red Cross unit was organized on 25-09-2012 . Programme was started with the speech by programme officer Dr. Nafeesa Begum. Dr. Kumar V.L.S, District Red Cross Secretary was the chief guest. In his inaugural speech he revealed aims and objectives of the Youth Red Cross society, advised the students to incorporate greater human values and to develop quality of helping others. He insist the students to lead in Social Service areas right from student life and said to be mentally prepared before any natural calamaties. Principal Prof. Gayatri Devi Sajjan S. delivered presidential talk. The programme was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Rajeshwari N.

Programme No. 2
            Two days Special lecture programme was conducted on 08-02-2013 and 09-02-2013 at C. N. R. Hall. First day function was started at 10.30am Dr. Rajeshwari N. welcomes the guests and gathering.  Dr. Shailaja Paramesh was the Resource person and the chief guest as well. She delivered the special lecture about the knowledge of law and its awareness for each and every citizen. Prof Gayatri Devi Sajjan, principal delivered presidential talk, and highlighted the healthy changes campus generating in the college campus. Another resource person was Dr. Anala. She spoke on personality development of students.   It was a very useful talk to Y.R.C. Unit members. First day Pragramme was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Nafeesa Begum.
            Second day programme was started sharp at 10am C.N.R. Hall was over crowded by volunteer student members and other interested students. Some student participants were from the other colleges. Dr. Nafeesa Begum welcomes the guests, resource person and others.  Dr. K.R. Shridhar was the chief guest. He delivered talk on Psychological problems and explained many such problems with live illustrations.  He encouraged and gave tips to all the students to balance and to make themselves comfortable on their own during such problematic situations or circumstances. Another guest/resource person Smt. Sandhya Kaveri .K. gave talk on “Stress Management”.  She explained causes for stress and inability among us to tackle it. She suggested the students to take lead part in all healthy activities to create pleasing atmosphere. Her words were really a boon to our young students and helpful in promoting self confidence the second days programme ended with vote of thanks words by Dr. Rajeshwari .N.

Programme No. 3
            On 13-03-2013 Blood testing and Blood donation camp was organized in Sahyadri Science College, Shimoga by N.C.C, N.S.S and Youth Red Cross Unit in association with Rotary Mid Town, Shimoga and Red Cross Sanjeevini, Shimoga. 75 units of blood were donated by students and staff members. Prof. Shakunthala. G, Principal, Sahyadri Science College, N.S.S. Officer Dr. Nagaraj Parisara, N.C.C. Officer Captain Mohanesh, Youth Red Cross Programme Officer Dr. Nafeesa Begum, Chief guests Dr. Kundan Basavaraj, Commanding Officer, Colonel Girish Sharma 20 Karnataka Batallion, N.C.C. Shimoga, teaching staff and students were actively participated.

 Programme No. 4
            Shimoga Dist R.C. Society and sahyadri Science College Youth Red Cross Unit Jointly organised "Emergency Management and First aid Programme" on 22-03-2013 at C.N.R. Hall. District Red Cross Secretary Dr. Kumar V. L. S and District Homeguard unit team was invited. Team consists of commander S. Shiv Kumar.S. Halappa, C.Shivalingiah, M.maltesh and 10 home gaurds.
           Programme was started at 10am. Dr. Shakuntala.G., Principal presided the function.  S. Shivkumar was the chief guest rest of the team members were guests. Programme officer Dr. Nafeesa Begum, unit member Dr. Rajeshwari N, Volunteer members and student participants from different college were present. Dr. Rajeshwari N Welcomes the guests and others. Chief guest S. ShivKumar in his speech revealed the history of home guards, aims and objectives of the organization. He also explained how to become a home gaurd. Dr. Shakuntala G, Principal, Sahyadri Science College in her presidential address explained about the precautionary measures to be taken at the time of emergencies or during any uneven incidents. She expressed her thank to the whole team of home guards for demonstrating all such precautionary measures. Dr. Nafeesa Begum revealed the role of youths in the present scenario.
           S. Halappa Dist. Co-ordinator explained about the home gaurds responsibilities and what is First Aid in a wide manner. He explained the whole history behind its origin and also the reason to start. He showed how to treat the victims sufferings from different injuries cause due to accidents, fire, earth quake, floods storm etc.  He explained the different methods of treatment to different injuries.
            In the noon session Kumar V. L. S. Secretary Dist Red Cross Society, Shimoga Branch and member national Disaster response team explained various methods of first Aid through Audio and  visual sources.  He explained different sources of disasters and also taught the methods to tackle during such situations. He showed how to rescue the victims from drowning, snake bite, trap in fire, etc and the method of first Aid to be given at such emergency hours. He advised that a victim should never loose/give up their courage.
          Students learnt much new information about "Emergency management and First Aid ". Programme was a great success, obviously the programme was increased the confidence level of youths. Programme was concluded with the words of vote of thanks by programme officer Dr. Nafeesa Begum